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Fire-resistant stone wool insulation for curtain wall systems

Building fire resistance is a critical consideration. It's vital to building places where people feel safe and protected. Our CURTAINROCK® and ROXUL SAFE™ stone wool products work hand in hand as a natural fire barrier. A barrier so advanced, it can even help protect the combustible elements and steel structures around it.

When used together, CURTAINROCK® and ROXUL SAFE™ provide a comprehensive
fire-stopping system that is UL/ULC/Intertek approved for perimeter fire containment systems.
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Slow the spread of fire

Stone wool resists the transfer of heat through the perimeter joint to the non-fire side of the floor when installed properly.

Protect combustible elements

Withstanding temperatures of up to 1,000°C, our stone wool products can protect combustible elements and steel structures.

Safer places to live and work

With the integrity of the building supported and the spread of fire slowed, there is more time for people to escape and fire fighters to arrive.

The Ritz-Carlton Case Study

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel and Condominium is an upscale establishment that lives up to its name.

Curtainrock-ritz-carlton-toronto-1, hotel, exterior, lights, modern, city

Absolute World Case Study

Absolute World is a skyscraper complex made up of five towers in the Absolute City Centre.

Curtainrock-absolute-towers, curtainrock, city, tower, building, exterior, high rise


A lightweight, semi-rigid stone wool insulation board designed for curtain wall systems.


A lightweight, semi-rigid stone wool insulation that provides excellent fire-stopping properties.

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